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Mr. Baer,

A summary of the information that you seek can  be found in tabular form 
on the NWHS Society website at: http://www.nwhs.org/nw_timeline.php

Any more specific dates, etc., would require research by Society members.

Gordon Hamilton

Member, NWHS Archives Committee

On 10/6/2017 9:00 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Dear Sirs,
> Can you tell me if anyone has compiled a listing of the dates at which 
> various segments of the N&W opened?  I am mostly interested in the 
> system’s expansion between about 1883 and 1900.  Not necessarily every 
> small coal branch, but the larger projects that brought it into new 
> territory.  I have been preparing a time line of the PRR and related 
> railroads which is on the web site of the Pennsylvania Railroad 
> Technical & Historical Society, and because of the longstanding close 
> relationship between the PRR and N&W, and the fact that NS ended up 
> with a lot of ex-PRR property, I am trying to include more benchmark 
> data for the N&W.
> It is rather frustrating, because we have the company annual reports, 
> but they mostly tell when they expect to open something, and unlike 
> the PRR reports, do not usually date line openings themselves.  I have 
> also used the Official Guide, but they often update the text of 
> timetables without changing the date at the top.  I have tried Wolfe’s 
> book on the Clinch Valley, Lambie and Striplin, without much luck.  
> Even Railroad Gazette does not have a lot of N&W news or the events 
> are reported without a date.
> Any suggestions you can give would be appreciated.  You are welcome to 
> take whatever information you might find useful from the PRR Chronology.
> Chris Baer
> Hagley Museum and Library
> cbaer at jhagley.org <mailto:cbaer at jhagley.org>
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