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Harry, All,
> Is route 38/5 (Blake/Jugneck road) navigable in this area?  I'd like to
> get some pictures along there if I can drive it.

​If you look at Google Maps, it shows WV 38/5 as a through road. If you
look at the definitive source, the West Virginia Department of Highways map
of Mercer County (, you
probably can't get through from one end to the other unless you have a
4-wheel drive vehicle, if at all.​ The WVDOT map shows the east end running
from WV 112 at Ingleside going to Blake, following the East River and the
N&W tracks. It starts as a paved road then is shown as gravel. Just beyond
Blake it turns into a "primitive road" that continues along the tracks and
the river, passing under I-77, and connecting to the west end of 38/5 that
runs from WV 112 just east of Ada. The road goes from primitive to gravel
to paved. It has been a while since I was back up in to Blake but I seem to
remember that the state road became a maintainer's road -- which might lead
to issues of trespassing (given the tighter enforcement by NS these days).
If you or someone does make it to/through there, please let the list know.

Bruce in Blacksburg (map and road geek in addition to rail enthusiast)
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