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As I wrote earlier, both the V&T RR schedule in the June 1868 Official 
Guide and the N&W RR schedule in the June 1893 Official Guide did not 
list an Alleghany, or Allegheny, station, but both schedules did list a 
Shawsville station, so your conclusion about the naming of the 
stereoview for the resort instead of the actual station name makes sense 
to me.

Gordon Hamilton

On 2/18/2018 12:12 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Thanks to everyone for the responses on Alleghany Station. Since 
> everyone indicated that this was the Shawsville Station, it makes 
> perfect sense to me that the travelling New York photographers would 
> name it the way they did (speaking to Bruce's point that they named it 
> in error). I happen to know the E&HT Anthony Company also issued a set 
> of stereoviews from Allegheny Springs at the same time as this AM&O RR 
> set. Makes sense to me that they'd name the station for the local 
> landmark/destination.
> So now I have to add that to the pile of future topics I'd like to 
> write an article about....
> Stephen Warren
> Roanoke
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