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Well you are right as usual.

Alleghany call "AG" became Shawsville call "AG" back in the days of the 
V&T sometime before 1870 perhaps before the AM&O and the War of Northern 

Big Tunnel Station call "NE" became Montgomery call "NE"  perhaps as 
late or later than 1890 in the N&W RY era.   Guess that would mean there 
was a Big Tunnel in the era of the V&T, AM&O, N&W RR and N&W RY.

Or perhaps we are wrong as usual.  I need to take my afternoon nap.

Jungle Jim Blackstock or just jj

PS - Cradock was on the VGN.
On 2/20/2018 9:50 AM, NW Mailing List via NW-Mailing-List wrote:
> So "Jungle" Jim Blackstock -- if Allegheny became
> Shawsville, did Big Tunnel become Montgomery ?
> Harry Bundy
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