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> Well you are right as usual.
> Alleghany call "AG" became Shawsville call "AG" back in the days of the
> V&T sometime before 1870 perhaps before the AM&O and the War of Northern
> Aggression.
> Big Tunnel Station call "NE" became Montgomery call "NE"  perhaps as late
> or later than 1890 in the N&W RY era.   Guess that would mean there was a
> Big Tunnel in the era of the V&T, AM&O, N&W RR and N&W RY.

​Here is how things looked in part of the New River Valley in 1886:

Station             Elevation
Roanoke              907
Salem                 1006
Dyerle            1073
Big Spring            1250
Shawsville            1473
Big Tunnel            1756
Summit            2041
Christiansburg    2007  (this is at the station)
Vickers            1791
Central            1773
New River            1768
This is from a table of elevations sent to F.J. Kimball on July 9, 1886.

The whole list is here:

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