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Another question on the Shawsville station. Was the vintage wooden station
in the same location as the later brick station? There is a 1891 drawing in
the archives that shows a proposed station site across from the cemetery.
This would be about the location of the current Shawsville Middle school.

When was the brick station build? What happened to the wooden station? Any
ideas on why in 1891 they was looking to move the station?? (see drawing
below) I'm guessing these are all related.

I started thinking about this because in the stereoview image it appears
the tracks east of the station curve to the right which they do not at
current station location. Looking closer at the image however I'm not sure
what I see are tracks at all!

- Roger Link

*V&T era station:*
  In N&W era

*Brick station:*

*Proposed station site drawing HS-H10160:*

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> I can't find anything in the online archives about this, and will do more
> research at my next opportunity to visit Salem Avenue, but can anyone tell
> me in the meantime about the Alleghany (sic) Station on the AM&O? I'm
> wondering where exactly the Alleghany Station was situated? I am
> attaching two auction photos which show the station in an 1870s stereoview
> by E.& H.T. Anthony Company. This New York stereoview manufacturer sent
> photographers throughout western Virginia and produced several photo sets
> including scenes along the AM&O, Blue Ridge Springs, and so on. I'm
> attaching two images of the stereoview for everyone to see what I'm talking
> about.
> Stephen Warren
> Roanoke
> Moderator:
> O%20Allegheny%20Station%20-%20Stereoview.jpg
> O%20Allegheny%20Station%20-%20Close%20up.jpg
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