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When was the brick station build? What happened to the wooden station? Any ideas on why in 1891 they was looking to move the station?? (see drawing below) I'm guessing these are all related.


I don't know that this is the correct answer, but the Annual Report for year ending 
July 30th, 1915 in the additions and retirements section "Passenger stations and 
freight depots were built or enlarged at  . . . . . . .Shawsville, Va."  The ICC's Valuation
Division sometime shows date stations were built, but not the inventory made at
Shawsville on April 24, 1917 -- only that it was of brick construction,     Even from
the Western  Division Timetable #9 eff. 11/22/1885, the station is shown as
Shawsville.                         Harry Bundy

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