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On a more serious subject let me be the first old boy to invite you back to the N&WHS. I see you dropped your membership after being a loyal member for 17 years. Recently I've read that former members dropped for one reason or another. Seemed a common reason was that they felt unneeded. I think the new leadership team may be more receptive to your views and offers to write news articles or to share photos. In a nutshell we want you and your friends to help the Society grow!

Norris Deyerle
N&W HS Member and
Blue Ridge Chapter, National Railway Historical Society Chairman of Virginia's Rail Heritage Region Partners and
Lynchburg Rail Day Model Train Show Coordinator
744 Chinook Place
Lynchburg, Virginia 24502-4908
Cell: 434-851-0151
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My grandfather was a signal maintainer for the Erie RR in Youngstown, Ohio.  He told me that the Erie guys called the Lake Erie & Western (later NKP) the leave early and walk.

John Hecker

past member 1996-2013
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