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We all have our favorites. It too a while for I thought of this one long
before I finally saw it in print but the PRR was aka Pretty Rotten RR,
Chicago & NW was Can't & never will;, Franklin & Pittsylvania was also
called the Fast & Perfect and it was everything but those. The Great
Western was the Great Weedy, D&RG was Dirty, Ragged & Greasy; Wheeling & LE
was We Love Extra Boards (there were a bunch of others, I'd better not
repeat here); Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis was aka Whiskey, Beer &
Alcohol, and the nickname came from a special train they ran between
Baltimore * DC, which had a stop just across the DC line in Maryland, where
the hooch was unloaded for distribution .......... who knows where. DC was
dry several years before the Volstead Act came into force; AT&SF was All
Tramps & Sailors Free and I'll let Professor Bundy tell us (or not if he so
chooses), the nickname of the Atlantic Coast Line. B&O was Beefsteak &
Onions, SP was Sufferin; Pathetic; Denver, South Park & Pacific was aka
Darned slow poke & pretty rotten RR, and it ceased to exist in 1889, so you
know these names go way-y-y-y-y-y back in many cases. C&S was Cough &
snort; a Kansas road was Little Kansas Wiggler, the L&N was Long & Long &
Narrow, Long & Nasty. and loose nookie (oops), and we can go on and on and

The ones from Atlanta, RF&P, NS, CSX I can NOT repeat here, sowwy. There
are some CSX ones which can be repeated like Can't Stand Excursion Trains,
but not several others thank you. B&M was Busted & Maimed, Bridgton & Saco
River was Busted & Still Running, New Haven was No Hope, B&O was also Best
& Only.

Bob Cohen
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