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Hi Norris and all,

Here is why I left NWHS:

1.       After the change of the Arrow to WRP the typeface became so small I
couldn't read it even with magnification.

2.       Changing of the guard.  After the passing's of past President Jim
G. , editor Jerrell G., Dr. Wilson and others the group changed.

3.       Any territory outside of the coalfields is largely ignored.

4.       This point in my life I'm not in a position to attend the
conventions like I was 20 years ago.

5.       My modeling interest have changed.

I stay on the NWHS lists because I enjoy reading the discussions.  I sure
miss "Taken' Twenty" with Skip and the jokes.

At the 2000 convention in Huntington, W.VA. I gave Jim Gillum a set of
duplicate slides to put in the archives of an Illinois Terminal SD39 being
sprayed black in Ohio.  The slides were taken by Douglas Walker.  Did they
make it to the archives and has anybody seen them since?  Just curious?   

Take care, John Hecker


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