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Thu Sep 6 19:48:02 EDT 2018

Ken Miller has done it again and brought us another amazing Arrow! I 
love it!

However I do have an interesting thought regarding the Arrow. Is there a 
way it could be offered in a Digital format? I ask as I have found it 
much easier to carry around my iPad on trains in my grip and read what 
magazines I can on it. This way they don't get torn up, and beat around. 
Being as I spend far more of my time in life either on a train or in the 
motel I often do my reading in these places. I love getting the Arrow in 
physical form however if able I would enjoy getting it in a digital form 
as well if that could be offered. If it were offered through a third 
party such as Zinio I would be willing to pay extra. I do think however, 
that just a downloadable PDF would suit me fine.

Thanks again for yet another good read,


Nathan Simmons
Driving Pumpkins of Coal for Buffett.

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