Traveling by rail on the AM&O in the 1870s

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Time to step into your time capsule.... I'm working on an article for the
Arrow which deals with the AM&O during the 1870s. It will showcase a series
of images by a New York photographer, taken along the Virginia & Tennessee
division (from Blue Ridge to Saltville). I'm trying to make some
assumptions about how he might have traveled with his heavy photographic
equipment using both rail and horse.

For the sake of the article, I've suggested he loaded his heavy crates onto
the train in NY, rode south to Lynchburg, and boarded the AM&O to travel by
rail to Bonsacks or Big Lick -- where he could find a livery and acquire a
horse and wagon. Is that a transaction that liveries made, or was there
another source for getting this needs met? Also, was it an outright
purchase of the horse and wagon, or a rental? If a rental, my 2018 brain
wonders whether he had to return the horse and wagon directly to them... or
could he pay for a month of usage, travel west, and drop the horse & wagon
off at a location in far Montgomery County?

I want to more accurately explain some of these logistics in the article,
but obviously need help with how liveries and stables may have provided
these much-needed gap services to travelers during that era.

Stephen Warren, Roanoke
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