1950's mine run motive power

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Mr. Davis,


Class Y3/3a/4's, referred to as "twenty hundreds", were used except on 
branches that required the lighter Class Z ("fourteen hundreds"). Per 
timetable, those Pocahontas Division branches included: Pocahontas, 
Simmons Creek, Flipping Creek, Spice Creek, Superior, and Ballard Harman 
Spur off Tug Fork Branch.

First appearing in 1956, diesels augmented, then gradually displaced the 
more modern Class Y5/6/6a/6b's ("twenty-one hundreds") in main line 
service, bumping them to heavy mine run service where feasible. The 
1400's were taken out of service by 1958 and were likely replaced with 
diesels on what remained of the branches above, but I don't know numbers.

Grant Carpenter

On 10/30/2018 7:20 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> I must have missed it in this conversation, and if I did, my 
> apologies, What motive power was used in the '50's on these "Mine 
> Runs"?  Steam engines as well as early (for the N&W) diesels?
> Walter Davis, playing with trains in Youngsville, NC

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