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I have a copy of the November 1965 N&W Coal & Coke Rate Manual, and as of that date there were only 3 operators on the line. It doesn't show MP's, but it does show Billing Stations and reads as follows, going from Naugatuck eastward to Scarlet Glen. I have also included what was shown on NS' company website as of July 2007, as I printed a copy of that info for myself. The current info on the NS company site shows that of the three billing stations from 2007, the Big Omer is closed, but there is a different loadout on or near the same site. The mine # is 0106, is named Miller Creek @ Big Omer, WV and is run by Southeastern Land LLC. The mine location does not show up on the 2007 map, but is listed in that directory under Consol Energy of KY.

As of Nov 1965
Mine #  Operator        Mine Name       Billing Station
0536    Adanac Coal Co  Adanac  Delbarton, WV
0466    Island Creek Coal Co.   No. 24  Scarlet Glen, WV
0476    National Coal Mining Co.        No. 25  Scarlet Glen, WV

As of July 2007 (NS Website)
0856    Southern WV Resources / Central Coal Co.        Big Omer        Big Omer, WV
0686    Delbarton Mining / Massey Coal  Ruby Energy     Delbarton
0476    Coal-Mac, Inc. / Arch Coal      Ragland Complex Scarlet Glen, WV

Hope this helps.

Russ Goodwin
Oakwood, GA
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I have very little info to answer your question.

There was a Pigeon Creek Branch on the 12 Pole back in the 20's.  It connected with the 12 Pole about Delbarton.  In 1958 time period the stations from Naugatuck were on the Lenore Branch.  I am showing a list of stations with miles but do not have the mines listed.  Also the old Lenore Branch stations are listed.

Jim Blackstock

0       Lenore Branch Connects at 6270 Naugatuck 1958
0.77    Naugatuck Storage Siding
1.37    Blockton
3.51    Ajax
4.47    Lenore Branch or Lenore
8.06    Tekram
12.85   Bias
13.86   Millstone Yard
15.5    Delbarton (old name Burch and Adenac)
16.46   Puritan
18.26   Ragland
22.27   Scarlet Glen

Old Lenore Branch Connects at 6752 Lenore Branch Jct. (Old ML) 1929

Floyd Coal & Land Co. Floyd Mines
Pearl Coal Co.
Delbarton (Burch and Adenac)
William Ann Coal Co. (Bamford)
Puritan Coal Corp.
Landstreet-Downey Coal Opers. 1 & 2
Turner Coal Co.

On 12/28/2018 8:49 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:

Hi guys,

Does anyone know the distance between mines 24 and 25 on the coal branch from Naugatuck to Delbarton as it was in 1958? Are these mines still in business today?
Also is there a track chart available of that line?

I’m curious because I have audio tapes from 1958 where William Bauer chased Y6 2136 on one of those mine runs and recorded the entire run as he drove his car alongside, running his 1/4” reel to reel recorder from a bank of batteries in the car. I’m working on an audio CD of that trip and need some info for the jacket.

As it turned out, I was in Williamson in April, 1960 and shot a couple of slides of the 2136 on a mine run but it wasn’t on the Delbarton run at the time.

Bill Bauer also recorded some tape of the 2151 on that same trip but the 2136 sequence is a solid 18 minutes working with 127 hoppers (empty, I think).

Some of his other recordings include rides on trains 25 and 26 in May or June, 1958 just before the J class engines were replaced by diesels and a trip from Bluefield to Norton on trains 5 & 6 with Pacific 578. All of these runs were recorded from the baggage cars.

He also recorded at the more famous locations such as Blue Ridge, etc but never released any of his N&W recordings.

Any help with the info will be highly appreciated.

Jim Herron
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