NS OCS Train Hits A Car In Appomattox Virginia

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 OCS - "Officers Candidate School"
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  #yiv6238743808 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}When I say "OCS" was looking for some of my fellow graduates from Ft. Belvoir Officer Candidate School.  Pardon my ignorance, but what does "OCS" really stand for?
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Subject: Re: NS OCS Train Hits A Car In Appomattox Virginia    Warning a woman was killed in this video of the Norfolk Southern Executive Train hitting a car that was on the tracks in Appomattox, Virginia May 1, 2019. Unofficially, it was known as "The Kentucky Derby Special".  In the days before theN&W/SOU merger, both roads operated a "Kentucky Derby Special".  On boardwere company officers and the Bored of Directors touring the railroad.  One year,the N&W "Special" went to Sandusky, and the highlight of the trip was an ALCO RS-3assigned to yard service.  It was painted in the Pevler scheme and the yellow circlewith"N&W" had faded.   Some artist had drawn a "happy face" on it  That was enough tocause R.F. Dunlap (V.P. - Operations) to giggle.      Harry Bundy   ________________________________________
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