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Mon May 27 08:47:27 EDT 2019

The recent informative, and opinionated, discussion about the Wabash and
NKP and the post 1964 merger is very well timed.

We haven't yet announced it, except at the convention just past, the 2020
NWHS convention will be in June, 2020, in Cleveland, OH.  Emphasis will be
on the post-1964 merger N&W, and we will be looking for presentations on
the NKP, Wabash, Dereco, etc. (Yes; we will have some material on the
"classic" N&W, and the Virginian Interest Group will meet for sure).  And
we will invite fans of those railroads (and the AC&Y and P&WV).

So please plan on being in Cleveland June 4-7 next year.  And if you worked
on the post 1964 N&W and want to share your knowledge, thoughts, and
opinions, please let us know.  More details, and hotel info, will be
published in the near future.

Frank Bongiovanni
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