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This discussion reminded me of a story I heard several times from our recently departed VGN Guru Greely Wyatt.  At a Saturday morning  staff meeting shortly after the N&W-NKP merger in the Motive Power building, there was mentioned a rumor that the new line would move the headquarters from Roanoke to Cleveland.  Greely aptly was heard to say : "Now you fellows know how we (Virginian personnel) felt in 1959...like green haired step children".  Appropriately now that I have been retired from NS for15 years, I am seeing a few green hairs also....

Skip Salmon

> On May 27, 2019 at 8:47 AM NW Mailing List <nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org> wrote:
>     The recent informative, and opinionated, discussion about the Wabash and NKP and the post 1964 merger is very well timed.
>     We haven't yet announced it, except at the convention just past, the 2020 NWHS convention will be in June, 2020, in Cleveland, OH.  Emphasis will be on the post-1964 merger N&W, and we will be looking for presentations on the NKP, Wabash, Dereco, etc. (Yes; we will have some material on the "classic" N&W, and the Virginian Interest Group will meet for sure).  And we will invite fans of those railroads (and the AC&Y and P&WV).  
>     So please plan on being in Cleveland June 4-7 next year.  And if you worked on the post 1964 N&W and want to share your knowledge, thoughts, and opinions, please let us know.  More details, and hotel info, will be published in the near future.  
>     Frank Bongiovanni
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