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Impressive train derailment video!
Thanks Brad!

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Forwarding this to you as it is a rare view of a mainline derailment happening right in front of a camera.


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CSX derailment on former Big4 at Wellington is a rare look at a high speed freight leaving the rails. Based on the sparks that show under the rear truck of the lead unit, we have a rail weld break or wheel fracture.

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Cool video at 50 mph so big wreck of empty? reefers.

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There was a derailment on CSX early Tuesday morning in Wellington.  This was caught on someone’s security camera system and the video is available here:  https://www.reddit.com/r/CatastrophicFailure/comments/bu2js7/csx_derailment_in_wellington_ohio/

I have a question regarding derailments like this.  One of the news stories that I read online said that “The Ohio State Highway Patrol has jurisdiction over this and will be conducting the investigation.”  Now, I know that less than half what they print in these articles is correct – especially when it comes to railroads.  Can anyone comment on this?  I am sure that CSX will handle their own internal investigation.   There were no deaths and no significant property damage, so NTSB won’t investigate.  Does the highway patrol really investigate train derailments?  If so, then do they have certain people trained in railroad investigations?  Wondering how they would be qualified to handle this.  Or was this just another instance where the article was completely wrong?

Mark Wright

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