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Being the bastard at the family reunion can be difficult if you’re the guy who is supposed to be the boss.  This was the situation Stuart Saunders found himself in when he went to Philadelphia to run Penn Central.  He had nobody on his side, and he couldn’t cope.  When he was president of the N&W he had folks in the transportation and operating  departmenst, motive power department, engineering and signal departments who were loyal to the N&W and would run the railroad well for anyone.  He didn’t have that on PC.

I went to work for the Seaboard Coast Line not too long after their merger.  Before, the two principal railroads (Seaboard Air Line and Atlantic Coast Line) had been bitter competitors – each begruged the other every carload they handled.  But some bright lads in Jacksonville turned these combative folks against a common foe – the Southern Railway.  There were pockets of resentment, but all in all they were pretty well unified.  So it could be done.

Just sayin’

- Ed King 

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The phrase most apt is “the bastard at the family reunion”.’

I’ve been there myself.
Ed Kimg

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This discussion reminded me of a story I heard several times from our recently departed VGN Guru Greely Wyatt.  At a Saturday morning  staff meeting shortly after the N&W-NKP merger in the Motive Power building, there was mentioned a rumor that the new line would move the headquarters from Roanoke to Cleveland.  Greely aptly was heard to say : "Now you fellows know how we (Virginian personnel) felt in green haired step children".  Appropriately now that I have been retired from NS for15 years, I am seeing a few green hairs also....

Skip Salmon

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  The recent informative, and opinionated, discussion about the Wabash and NKP and the post 1964 merger is very well timed.

  We haven't yet announced it, except at the convention just past, the 2020 NWHS convention will be in June, 2020, in Cleveland, OH.  Emphasis will be on the post-1964 merger N&W, and we will be looking for presentations on the NKP, Wabash, Dereco, etc. (Yes; we will have some material on the "classic" N&W, and the Virginian Interest Group will meet for sure).  And we will invite fans of those railroads (and the AC&Y and P&WV).  

  So please plan on being in Cleveland June 4-7 next year.  And if you worked on the post 1964 N&W and want to share your knowledge, thoughts, and opinions, please let us know.  More details, and hotel info, will be published in the near future.  

  Frank Bongiovanni
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