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 I went to work for the Seaboard Coast Line not too long after their merger.  Before, the two principal railroads (Seaboard Air Line and Atlantic Coast Line) had been bitter competitors – each begruged the other every carload they handled.___________________________________________________________________  
Prior to SCL, there was one incident where ACL and SAL joined forces.  TheJacksonville Terminal Co. was jointly owned by Atlantic Coast Line, SeaboardAir Line, Florida East Coast, and Southern Rwy.  M.C. Jennette became theGeneral Manager of JT Co. just before Florida East Coast went on strike.  Whenthe strike came around, Jennette ordered the Terminal tower operators not toallow FEC's transfer runs to cross JT property.  FEC used JT trackage rights tointerchange traffic with the other roads.  FEC and Southern paired up to dischargeJennette, but ACL and SAL didn't agree.  The case went all the way to theSupreme Court. FEC and Southern lost.            Harry Bundy  
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