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Tue Jun 25 11:10:09 EDT 2019

 First I would like to thank Norris for kindly thinking about me and for the nice things that he said.
 Secondly I will mention that I have legionnaires disease, I contracted it shortly after the NWHS Huntington Convention in 2000, I fought it hard for 17 years until my kidneys finally gave up. I am currently on dialysis with a long road ahead before being placed on a transplant list. I retired due to disability officially from Norfolk Southern in 2018. Leaving NS is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers!

About The conventions that Norris mentioned. I hosted 1998 in Bristol. 2003 in Winston-Salem and I co-hosted 2004 in Roanoke where I was in charge of the tours( remember the tour bus on the turntable?) good times!
Oh and Norris sorry about the shirt and the mayor of Saltville was Frank “T-bone” Lewis. He’s still around, sadly the railroad is not.

Gary P. Price

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