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I’m sure that the rest of the N&WHS members are glad to hear from Gary Price. Long time members like Gary helped form the society into the sound group that it is today. I may be out of touch regarding which members are recognized for their contributions to the society. For years at the annual conventions awards were given out for numerous contributions to our society. Such as the “Precision Transportation” award, best N&W or VGN model or the best “Arrow” article, etc. Did those members like Gary that were involved in hosting our conventions even get their name on a plaque in the archives for future members to see? As they say nowadays to have “full disclosure” I will admit that this question is closer to home for me. Charlie Long and I co-hosted the N&WHS Lynchburg Convention. To my knowledge I don’t think there is a plaque in the archives listing the names of all of the hosts though the years. If there is no such recognition plaque then I propose one is made. Hosting one convention can easily involve over one year of preparations.
Who knew as soon as I said the former Saltville, Va. Major’s nickname was “Pork Chop” that it was actually “T-Bone”? Ha! Thanks Gary for being such a loyal member. Get well soon my friend. Our prayers are with you!

Norris Deyerle
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 First I would like to thank Norris for kindly thinking about me and for the nice things that he said.
 Secondly I will mention that I have legionnaires disease, I contracted it shortly after the NWHS Huntington Convention in 2000, I fought it hard for 17 years until my kidneys finally gave up. I am currently on dialysis with a long road ahead before being placed on a transplant list. I retired due to disability officially from Norfolk Southern in 2018. Leaving NS is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers!

About The conventions that Norris mentioned. I hosted 1998 in Bristol. 2003 in Winston-Salem and I co-hosted 2004 in Roanoke where I was in charge of the tours( remember the tour bus on the turntable?) good times!
Oh and Norris sorry about the shirt and the mayor of Saltville was Frank “T-bone” Lewis. He’s still around, sadly the railroad is not.

Gary P. Price
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