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To both Ed’s, your comments are spot on.  Being only two hours from those coal fields I miss going there to photograph the moving of coal.  Even being near Belews Creek, NC I have a hard time catching the trains in and out.

For the SD60’s, well I really think the SD60E program met it’s intentions just like the SD40E program did.  But with the new AC rebuild program ongoing the newer more compliant locos are meeting their goals as well.  We now have most of the Dash 9’s being rebuilt and the SD70’s.  Just look at my photos and you see the Tier 2 or 3 SD70M-2’s are sidelined now that NS has gone to AC traction.  I am now seeing unit grain trains coming to Winston Salem from Roanoke with two AC locos in place of three DC locos.

Mike wonderful photo of 611.

James Wall
Rural Hall, NC

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