Snapp's Siding

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Snapp's Siding existed primarily for the shipment of farm livestock from the extensive Snapp farm adjacent to the siding.  
Snapps may have been what's known in railroading as a "team track",which is a siding, railroad-owned, where local businesses can load orunload freight traffic.  
Snapps does not appear on the schedule page of Radford Division TimeTable #18 eff. April 30, 1922, but in the Special Instructions, it was listedin  STATIONS WHERE TIME IS NOT SHOWN AT WHICH TRAINS WILLSTOP ON SIGNAL.   Nos. 12 and 30 would stop at Snapps.    Sometimebefore Radford Div. Time Table #10 (eff. 04/29/1956) was issued, passengertrains had discontinued stopping at Snapps.
BTW, M.P. 0 is located on the Water Street Branch, where N&W's Norfolkdepot  was located BEFORE Terminal Station was built and M.P. N-378was N&W originated.                              Harry Bundy
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