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My observation of the look of Snapp’s Farm made yesterday was from the
entrance gate where a private property sign was posted. A further check on
Google maps shows the main residence seems to have deteriorated greatly
perhaps due to a fire. More thanks are in order to Harry for the
elaboration of how the siding fit in the railroad’s history and to the
clarification of the MP distance.

And, speaking of sidings, the greatly extended Glade Spring - Washington
siding is obviously a welcome meet location for the dispatching of the
newly enlongated trains such as 15T and 16T here shown coming off at the
east end.

Mike Pierry, Jr.

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> Snapp's Siding existed primarily for the shipment of farm livestock from
> the extensive Snapp farm adjacent to the siding.
> Snapps may have been what's known in railroading as a "team track",
> which is a siding, railroad-owned, where local businesses can load or
> unload freight traffic.
> Snapps does not appear on the schedule page of Radford Division Time
> Table #18 eff. April 30, 1922, but in the Special Instructions, it was
> listed
> STOP ON SIGNAL.   Nos. 12 and 30 would stop at Snapps.    Sometime
> before Radford Div. Time Table #10 (eff. 04/29/1956) was issued, passenger
> trains had discontinued stopping at Snapps.
> BTW, M.P. 0 is located on the Water Street Branch, where N&W's Norfolk
> depot  was located BEFORE Terminal Station was built and M.P. N-378
> was N&W originated.                              Harry Bundy
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