JC in Radford , new observation area

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Thx for the link and the update Rob. I was there before it was fully complete. Definitely a nice viewing space. If a few chainsaws would roam around and take out a couple trees the view would be even better  : )   John Garner


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Hi all: Maybe this has already discussed here, if so , just delete, but next time you are in the fair city of Radford VA, swing by & check out the new observation platform over close to JC,  west end Radford.

You can see the bridge over New River and watch trains on the 'Pulaski district'.

 I don't know how many they send through here daily. Some days are better than others. 

JC is where the old line to the Claytor lake dam, which is used infrequently these days, meets the current Walton-Bristol line.  Details,

Observation platform in Radford. <https://video.vt.edu/media/Architecture+students+design%2C+build+New+River+Train+Observatory/1_iftl39dr/91886971?utm_source=cmpgn_news&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=vtUnirelNewsDailyCMP_111419-fs> 


Its free,

Have a good one

R. Ervine

Fairlawn VA

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