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Ed Painter #70 - from Narrows, VA living in Cohutta, GA

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> Tom, please contact me off line.  My grandfather was Personnel Manager for
> the mines in Coalwood.  My mom graduated from Big Creek around 1947 also.
> Mr grandfather was Walter Gordon Mason.
> Mom is Margaret Elizabeth Mason
> Ed Painter. 678-350-5424
> edwinpainter at
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> wrote:
>> Hello folks,
>> I'm new to the list and the N&W Historical Society. I'm originally from
>> Atlanta and live in Asheville now. But my father grew up in Coalwood, WV
>> and Grandpa was the office manager for the Carter/Olga Coal company there.
>> They tried to promote Grandpa to something like Executive Assistant to the
>> General Manager, but Grandpa said that he didn't much like being considered
>> anyone's assistant. :-)
>> Dad graduated Big Creek High School in War in 1947 so has lots of
>> memories of some of the prime time for coal operations there. N&W used to
>> pull about 100 empties into Coalwood each morning, spend time rearranging
>> the full cars from the previous day, then haul those back down in the
>> afternoon. There was a siding just after the spur came back into the main
>> line to Iaeger and they dropped all of the eastbound cars there instead of
>> hauling them into the yard at Iaeger.
>> My wife and I are just getting in modeling and I have also joined the
>> modeling group. Long term I'm hoping to create a layout that models roughly
>> the area from Bluefield up to Iaeger or perhaps even to Williamson in the
>> 1950s.
>> One question I have is which locomotives were used to run the daily runs
>> up to the mines. I think for Coalwood it was a Class E2A and they were run
>> as a double header. But this is based on Dad's now 91 year old memory.
>> Thanks!
>> Tom
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