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Mon Dec 30 10:01:34 EST 2019

On Sun, Dec 29, 2019, at 2:10 PM John Marbury wrote:

> Jim,
> CPLs were last installed where it was more cost effective not to rewire
> and thus retest everything.  Not sure if US&S was still selling them or
> not, but Safetran had them for sale and was our preferred signal vendor.

I believe this was the case in Roanoke when the major trackwork through
downtown was in process. Some of the old CPL signals had to be replaced and
new Safetran CPL heads were installed as a quick fix. The whole signal
system was going to be revised/replaced so it didn't make sense to try to
go through the review and approval for a short-term replacement that would
be gone in a few months.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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