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Thanks to all who added information on this topic.

John Marbury,
If you would not mind, please send me an Email so that
I can write you off-list.  Some of the questions I have may
be too specific to be of general interest to most listers, but
I would really like to know more about all details of NW/NS
signal systems.
jimdcochran at gmail.com

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> Jim,
> CPLs were last installed where it was more cost effective not to rewire
> and thus retest everything.  Not sure if US&S was still selling them or
> not, but Safetran had them for sale and was our preferred signal vendor.
> John Marbury
> NS signals, retired
> >
> > A few years ago I was in Keystone, WV and noticed NS had installed a CPL.
> > I thought this odd because vaderisation had been in progress for many
> years
> > at that point.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed some differences in
> this
> > signal from others I had looked at.  The target was sectioned and had
> many
> > fasteners in patterns showing from the front side.  Yesterday, walking
> the
> > peavine, I found a couple more such CPLs.  On closer inspection (see
> > photos) I saw that the mounting hardware for both the target and the
> lamps
> > was quite different from the US&S spider arrangement.
> > After getting home and studying the images, it seems that the newer
> > hardware is marked Safetran.
> > Most people might consider this to be in the realm of minutia, but if
> there
> > are any other signal fanatics out there (and I'm at least talking to
> Abe),
> > I would be interested as to whether N&W had to go to Safetran because
> US&S
> > could/would no longer supply parts to the old design, as well as when the
> > change would have occurred.  It would seem it would have been prior to
> 2014
> > when the NS ceased operations on the peavine.  Wikipedia says US&S went
> to
> > Ansaldo STS in 2009 and then to Hitachi STS this year, but so far I
> haven't
> > found anything on when they would have stopped producing CPL
> > signals/parts.  I realize it may be a long shot, but was hoping someone
> > else might be interested and/or have some more information on one of my
> > favorite aspects (pun intended) of the N&W.
> > Jim Cochran
> >
> >
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