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Good afternoon Vic,

The Powhatan Arrow was a coach only train that did not have any run through cars to other railroads. For passengers to connecting trains they would have to disembark the Powhatan Arrow at Cincinnati and board another train. 

For the Pocahontas they did have through sleepers to other railroads and would be moved to the connecting train at Cincinnati Union Terminal without passengers disembarking from the through car. These sleepers would either be 10-6, 12-1, or another type depending on the railroad. Hope this answers your question.

Joseph Congemi

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> Looking through N&W time tables from 1966, I am trying to understand more clearly the consists of the “The Powhatan Arrow” and “The Pocahontas”, and especially the sleeping cars that might be included.  A video which I have seen, shows some PRR and NYC sleepers in N&W trains.  #25 had a connection in Cincinnati that went on to Chicago, perhaps with a PRR sleeper?  Assistance would be appreciated!
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