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Most of us like a mystery like this one about the reason for the water 
pipes to the journal boxes of tender trucks.  So, here is another tender 
truck mystery.  In searching the NWHS Archives database I came across a 
couple of drawings that show the details (Dwg C45693) and arrangement 
(Dwg D36645) of a 20-vane fan mounted on the dust-guard seat of an axle 
of an N&W Class T-104 plain-bearing tender truck.  The component is 
termed a "Dust Deflecting Fan" on the arrangement drawing and a "Thrust 
Ring Fan" on the detail drawing, and it is shown mounted on the axle 
dust guard seat, meaning that the fan would rotate with the axle.  This 
fan would take the place of the conventional dusk guard that slipped 
into a pocket at the back of the journal box and formed somewhat of a 
seal with the rotating axle.  This conventional seal was intended to 
keep oil in the journal box and dust and dirt out, but was only 
partially successful in doing that (particularly keeping oil in when 
coal cars were rotary dumped).  Because the conventional dust guard was 
not entirely successful, this apparently led someone to try to build a 
"better mousetrap" in the form of the dust defecting fan, which the N&W 
apparently incorporated in at least a trial application.

Does anyone know how successful this unusual dust deflecting fan was and 
whether there were more applications than just one or two test applications?

Gordon Hamilton

On 7/29/2020 11:19 PM, NW Mailing List via NW-Mailing-List wrote:
> A few months ago, there was some discussion about drawings that showed 
> small diameter piping on the tender, running from the frame to trucks.
> Tonight I came across this photo of a K3 that appears to have this 
> contraption installed. I don’t recall any firm conclusion about what 
> their purpose was - maybe this will help?
> http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/nw/nw-s0201l26.jpg
> All three branches of the piping appear to end up at the journal 
> boxes, which suggests lubrication. My recollection of the drawing 
> discussion was that the piping was for water, so once again I’m 
> wondering if the intent was to take heat away from the boxes (external).
> Matt Goodman
> Columbus, Ohio
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