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The overall dimensions of the LMB model are pretty much correct for the M.  The problem with those models was with the detail castings that were fairly undersized (I was told that this was due to not correctly compensating for shrinkage during the lost wax casting process for these items) and that makes the overall look slightly "off".

I have a couple of these that have been redetailed with proper sized castings and standing them beside the Sunset engines they look just as good.  (Especially if you swap out the LMB tender)


Dr. J. Brent Greer
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It has been years since I measured my M's by Sunset but if I remember correctly
they are very close according to the Prince book and the N&W the last 25 years.

Kurt Kramke

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I just watched a very good youtube video of the 475 working freight and switching on the Strasburg RR. I have always had a soft spot for the class M's and that video is so good as there are many close up views of her working. Many details I'd never noticed were prominently displayed. I'd never seen the driver axle springs actually flex on a steam engine before. I'm just so glad she finally found a good home after all those years of being shuffled around and coming close to the torch.

Strasburg Rail Road: Revenue Freight with 475 July 12th 2018<>

Strasburg Rail Road: Revenue Freight with 475 July 12th 2018

Anyway, my question is:  Has anyone ever put a scale ruler to the LMB or Sunset models in HO scale and made a comparison? I have an LMB and it just looks out of scale to me especially what I've seen of the Sunsets. Often times the early brass engines were built to less than exact scale size and I'm wondering if the LMB is an example of that.

Are there any scale plans of the class M?

What we need is a Spectrum quality class M or M-2.

Thanks for any help here.

Roger Huber
Deer Creek Locomotive Works
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