N&W and C&ON Operations at Glen Jean (Waverly), and Renick (Chillicothe), Ohio

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Thu Jan 28 16:11:20 EST 2021

I learned something last night. I came across an item in the archives showing how the C&ON and the N&W connected at Greggs prior to the completion of the Chesapeake and Hocking extension between Greggs and Valley Crossing in 1927.

https://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=101119 <https://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=101119>

I had always assumed that the two railroads joined up on the hill, but this map shows that the connection took place somewhere on the fill approaching the bridge over the Scioto.

That realization prompted two questions about this connection and its operation:
Did the C&O build a bridge parallel to #1103 on it’s approach to the N&W?
How was the movement from the C&ON to the N&W (and vice versa) controlled? 
Was there another tower on the east side of the river, or was it controlled remotely from Glen Jean?
Was this connection fully interlocked, or more simply signaled? 

On a related note, I found some extra proposed tracks for the C&ON at Renick (south end of Chillicothe), apparently for interchange with the B&O SW. Was it typical during this time period to have two sets of facilities at every interchange for the use of the C&ON? If so, why this approach rather than sharing existing N&W facilities?

https://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=106287 <https://www.nwhs.org/archivesdb/detail.php?ID=106287>

I’m sure this joint track usage has been covered in the Arrow or other places. Any pointers would be welcome!

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio, US
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