How to derail a G-1 class

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Derailing WWII equipment.  Interesting to see that the explosives tests were performed on US equipment with typical trucks on the cars.  The photos I've seen of Europe and Pacific RR equipment generally were much shorter cars with fixed wheels of only 4 wheels per car - certainly those would be a whole lot easier to derail.  Even in Vietnam many (though not all) of the rail equipment was inherited by the South Vietnam government from the French and the short cars (sort of on the order of the WWI 40/8 cars) were of the same fixed 4 wheels.  Steam locomotives had multi-wheel drivers as in the film, but the diesel-powered smaller engines had driving wheels that would be far easier to derail.

Just some thoughts and certainly worthy of more review (which is not doubt what occurred from the results in the film).  A most interesting piece of work! Thanks Roger!

Ed Svitil
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Interesting film by the Army on how to properly derail a train. N&W G-1 keeps coming back for more.

Roger Huber
Deer Creek Locomotive Works
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