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Thank you very much for fixing the photos, labelling, and sharing them. They’re wonderful. 


I love the little moments of ordinary life captured in many of the images, like the car with its front end up on blocks and the kid staring at the photographer in the Fireco photo. 


Rob Doorack 


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There has been an apparent problem with access to the VGN Barriger images I loaded on Google Drive last evening.  Probably the result of placing a space-age toy in the hands of an old geezer. 


So I re-loaded everything and here is a new link (which has been tested.)  Access is not restricted... anyone with the link can open and download the images.  101 images, 41 megs. 


In doing this work, I realized how little I knew about the VGN west of Kellysville, so received a real education by studying the satellite imagery for locations represented in the various images.  Given what the engineers faced in the way of hostile terrain, they did an outstanding job in locating the Right-of-Way.  My hat is off to the Virginian... Long Live the Virginian ! 


Also, I learned that coal loading facilities in Appalachia are properly called **tipples,** not breakers, not colleries.  My thanks to Col. Hensley for giving me this element of remedial education... 


-- abram burnett  

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