VGN coal in 1953

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Glenn; not too confusing as far as I'm concerned, but obviously Ken
Miller's opinion weighs a lot more than my opinion.


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> I should have checked my sources before submitting my questions about
> destinations of VGN bituminous car loadings.
> The ICC offers these definitions:
>      "terminated on line means:
>           ...
>           (d.) "export traffic delivered to water carriers and shipments
> to outlying   possessions of the United States.
>      "delivered to connecting rail services:
>           ...
>           (f) "tidewater coal to Atlantic points."
> Does this clear up matters?  Does this mean that coal going through
> Sewalls Point into ships can fit both definitions ie "terminated online"
> and "delivered to connecting rail services?"  How many cars being loaded on
> ships can be attributed to one or the other?  How many of the cars included
> in "delivered to connecting rail services" were actually interchanged with
> other railroads and not put on ships?
> Is all of this too confusing to be put into an article for *The Arrow*,
> Frank?
> Glenn
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