VGN coal in 1953

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I should have checked my sources before submitting my questions about  destinations of VGN bituminous car loadings.

The ICC offers these definitions:
"terminated on line means:
(d.) "export traffic delivered to water carriers and shipments to outlying   possessions of the United States.

"delivered to connecting rail services:
(f) "tidewater coal to Atlantic points."

Does this clear up matters?  Does this mean that coal going through Sewalls Point into ships can fit both definitions ie "terminated online" and "delivered to connecting rail services?"  How many cars being loaded on ships can be attributed to one or the other?  How many of the cars included in "delivered to connecting rail services" were actually interchanged with other railroads and not put on ships?

Is all of this too confusing to be put into an article for The Arrow, Frank?

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