VGN coal in 1953

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Thank you Harry.  You are, of course, one of the people I was hoping would
provide some insight.  And your recollection, and the demurrage info that I
was quite unaware of, is greatly appreciated.  Take care of yourself.

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> The big question:  Where did export coal, a big factor, figure in.  Was it
> listed under "on line," "off line," or both?  The ICC "distinctions" are
> not helpful.  If "both" then what distinguishes "on line export coal"
> from"off line export coal?"
> Glenn:
> I suspect it was listed as "on line".  Some coal arriving Sewalls Point and
> Lamberts Point had never been sold.  The consignee was shown as the
> coal agent.  Unlike a load say for Ford Motor which had two "free days"
> before
> demurrage set in ( penalty for failure to unload promptly)  export coal
> got 10 "free days" before demurrage set in.  So that gave the coal agent
> more time to find a buyer. The coal loaded on-line  had been billed to
> Norfolk and unloaded on-line at Norfolk.
> Coal from mines on the Clinchfield, for example, and received from ACL at
> Jarratt could be an example of off-line export coal".           Harry Bundy
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