Jube Jerrell Covered Up Race Horse Smith With Coal

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These anecdotes about recollections of & about “white shirts”/ management, station agents, train crews, etc would make a great collage of short stories & articles that could fill up a few pages in future issues of The Arrow. I am sure there are many members who have stories to share, both personal experiences & “hand down” stories from family members. 
Let’s remember, that it was the “people” of the  N&W that made the railroad what it was. 👍
Food for thought…….
Herb Edwards
Lynchburg, Va

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> Senator Hamilton hath relayed a Ye Good Story.
> PS - That derelict Shenandoah Division station agent was Frank Scheer up at Boyce.  Just don't let him know that I told you.
>   -- abram burnett
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