VGN New River Div. Traffic Levels Today?

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Fri Nov 5 10:59:48 EDT 2021

On Fri, Nov 5, 2021 at 8:08 AM Jimmy wrote:

> In my opinion, using the former Virginian line is a cock-a-mammie project!
> They should use some common sense, go N&W, and make Radford the termini. A
> much better and less expensive place to end a trip all the way around!

Radford would have made much more sense as a target than Christiansburg.
There is better yard space there to park and service the train and it would
be easier to turn it on the wye at Walton. It would make it easier for
Radford residents and RU students to catch the train and the ultimate
extension to Bristol would be a few miles closer. The only reasonable use
of the Virginian (and it would need work on both ends) would be for some
form of rapid transit between Roanoke and Blacksburg. Done right, it would
take some pressure off I-81 by removing cars from an at-times over-capacity
highway (although it still needs to be widened to six lanes from Exit 150
to Exit 114).

Bruce in Blacksburg
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