VGN New River Div. Traffic Levels Today?

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Tue Nov 2 13:43:42 EDT 2021

   I have to wonder about the wisdom of operating over the former 
Virginian line as it has no connection to the Bristol line. Maybe 
someone can enlighten me on what seems to be a fool's errand?

Jimmy Lisle

Jimmy:There is little return on investment for right-of-way improvements,  butthe railroads have found a new way to make improvements -- let Amtrakpay for it.  During John W. Snow's administration of CSX, the railroad abandonedthe former SAL route from Petersburg to Raleigh.  Amtrak's Silver Star wasrerouted over the North Carolina Railroad Raleigh to Selma and CSX's freightmoved via the former ACL  Richmond to Pembroke (?).  It added about 24miles to every car originating/termination Hamlet-Charlotte-Atlanta-B'ham.Now Virginia is going to add high-speed service Petersburg-Raleigh viathe abandoned route.  That means paying for 66 miles of right-of-way inVirginia PLUS 10 miles in North Carolina.  So when finished, will CSX freights operate on the high-speed route ? 
JUSTIFICATION ?  Motorists from Florida to New York will park their cars at Raleigh and ride the train, keeping motorists off I-95.
I, too, am waiting to see how NS is going to turn the Montgomery County stopinto cash.                                         Harry Bundy           
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