VGN New River Div. Traffic Levels Today?

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Mon Nov 1 20:08:55 EDT 2021

I never dreamed that I'd live to see the day of Merrimac, VA to Boston, 
MA high-speed rail service.
At least I hope to.   : )

John Garner


My understanding is that the New River Valley station site is likely to 
be on what remains of the former N&W Christiansburg to Blacksburg line 
(Huckleberry) adjacent to the Uptown Christiansburg mall. This will 
require a connection from the NS/Virginian line but less than 1/2 mile 
of new track. When and if service is extended to Bristol this track 
connects with the NS main. Because the connection is eastbound, some 
work would be required at the connection for westbound (toward Bristol) 

    Ray Smoot

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