VGN New River Div. Traffic Levels Today ?

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NOT today, but on a Friday in Nov., 1970, riding a coal train wasthe simple way to get home to Roanoke.  Crew was called at 12:30 PM.The "double  over and test air"  function lasted until 5:30 PM, then it wason to Kelleysville where the train was held for a westbound on the VGNside to pass --  it was about to expire on the Hours of Service Law (then14 hours).  Once on the VGN-side, the movement was six trains deepto be pushed to Merrimac (compare that with today's traffic).   With onlyone pusher on duty, it took 55 minutes for the pusher to couple up, shoveto the top and return light for the next train.  Whether it was a case ofcomplying with the Hours of Service Law --OR-- avoiding the depletionof the air supply, I can't say -- but the train was making 50 MPH on the east sideof Merrimac (speed limit 35 MPH).  Train expired on arrival at SouthYard --  14 hours to make 97 miles.                       Harry Bundy
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