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> A--Does anyone or the Archive have a picture of the East Portal of
> Montgomery Tunnel?

They exist, but access to view the east portal was always limited and now
just about impossible. Access was via a private road and maintainer's road
along the tracks but there is now a gate to keep people out.

B--Is Montgomery, Virginia where the Montgomery Tunnels are?  I figure they
> are in Montgomery County since they are near Christiansburg but small
> towns aren't always on a map.

There is a green dot for "Montgomery" in the Montgomery County Road Atlas
right where Den Hill Rd. goes under the N&W tracks just west of the tunnel.
I don't know which came first -- naming the tunnel or naming the cluster of
houses. Originally the location was Big Tunnel and was a stop on the
Virginia and Tennessee RR for the nearby Montgomery White Sulphur healing
spring resort. Although mostly obliterated by the construction of I-81, if
one knows where to look it is possible to see a small trace of the right of
way for the tram that ran from the station to the west to the resort.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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