Montgomery Tunnels

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I can only think of two right off. They are both very nice color photos 
c.1954 by August Thieme on pg. 75 of Norfolk and Western Steam in Color 
by McClure and Plant. They both show the track arrangement east of the 
east portal but not the portal itself. Fairly rare photos because as 
others have mentioned, few photographers ventured in that far off US 
460. Thieme seemed to have walked everywhere between Roanoke and 
Bluefield. Note: The second photo is incorrectly identified. It appears 
to be train 45 westbound, not train 10 eastbound.

Hope this helps, John Garner

A--Does anyone or the Archive have a picture of the East Portal of 
Montgomery Tunnel?B--Is Montgomery, Virginia where the Montgomery 
Tunnels are?  I figure they are in Montgomery County since they are near 
Christiansburg but small towns aren't always on a map.
Thank you in advance, Mike Shockley

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