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This subject inspired a question. Suppose it’s the 1930s and I want to travel from Norfolk to Los Angeles for the Racoon Lodge annual convention. How did ticketing for a trip like that work? How did the ticket agent at the Norfolk station find out if there was a berth available on, say, the Super Chief from Chicago to LA? How did N&W tell Santa Fe that it had sold that seat to me? 


Rob Doorack

Guilford, CT


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Interesting! Think of all the paperwork back then and up through the years: bills, reports, tariffs, equipment records, employee records - almost incomprehensible! Then there's people to just transcribe (later copy) said paperwork. Messengers to deliver......and the list goes on and on. We are better off in the digital, cyber world.......aren't we? After all, we can be fired or laid off via email!

Charlie Long

Lynchburg (the one in Virginia)

NWHS Conventions 2002, 2012


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It's hard to believe that the N&W once had enough office employees in Roanoke to fill this general office building, plus the older general office building out of sight to the left in this postcard view, plus the four/five story Motive Power Department office building a couple of blocks generally behind the photographer.

Gordon Hamilton





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