The Lynchburg Old Line - Method of Operation?

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Abe-N&W Norfolk Division Time Table #7, eff. 7:25 AM Nov. 9, 1947 shows that Forest, Phoebe, and Lynchburg interlockings were staffed 24/7.  Although the old main line was primarily single track, there was almost a mile of double track between Island and Lynchburg.  Durham Jct. was somewhat of a mystery  -- no register station; no indication that it was staffed, but Ray Smoot indicated it was remote-controlled.  Pretty good idea.  Imagine stopping  a southbound on a 2.8% grade to line the turnout.  Westbound engine crews passing through the 500-foot Lynchburg Tunnel compared it to a trip to the spa -- extreme close clearances made for tough breathing. After the time limit you suggested, there was a proposal during the failed N&W/C&O merger to have a connection along the James River east of Lynchburg that would have joined the old line at James.  It would have allowed coal originating on the C&O to be routed to Lamberts Point.                                                          Harry Bundy
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