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I downloaded this photo of N&W 17 and 3 a long time ago. It is dated 3-1971, so it shows 17 at  the station in Roanoke at the same time as train 3.
--Rick Morrison

Larry, You are correct. Train 18's schedule had been greatly changed 
from a early 6:10 AM arrival into Roanoke c.1964, to a 10:55 AM arrival 
c.1971. If 18 and 4 were on time, there were 15 minutes to make 
connections. No.s 3 and 17 also made connections in Roanoke around 8 PM 

No.17 of April 30, according to schedule, arrived at Bristol just past 
midnight on May 1. This equipment needed to be turned and in Lynchburg 
for a 1:30 PM Southern Ry. Train 18, May 1 departure. I wouldn't be 
surprised if this equipment wasn't deadheaded east well ahead of the 
Train 4's arrival into Roanoke for the final time.

John Garner, Newport VA
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