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An important message from the N&W Historical Society. There is a matching grant available, and it would be a great thing to make that happen!

Please consider donating.

Ken Miller

Can you help the N&WHS on Giving Tuesday?

Greetings to all N&WHS Members and Supporters:

Today is Giving Tuesday, where folks come together to give back to the community's various non-profits. We ask for your help this year towards a most crucial campaign goal.

The Board has asked us to write to you about a matter of great importance to our organization, which is our Archives. Most specifically, our Archives Building. We need your help.

Over the last few years, you have seen us discuss this at some length in Talk Among Friends. Our success in preserving N&W and Virginian history and documentation in our Archives has rendered our building full, with no room to grow. In addition, it, as an older building, needs attention to its makeup.

While we have not slacked on maintenance, the older a structure becomes, the more issues it has. While we have hesitated to spend significant money on the building, as we know its size limitations, we have taken care of the problems. But the simple sum and substance are we need a larger building, and our committee is searching for a suitable place where we have room to expand and better care for our collections, which continue to grow.

The Society produces one of the best historical society magazines out there. That magazine depends significantly on the use of archives materials. But, with the space availability, adding to our collection takes space, and no matter how we look at it, we cannot add significant storage space to our existing building. We are currently renting a warehouse space for storage, but it is simply storage, not a working location.

We have kicked off a capital campaign and received several very generous donations toward this, including one of $40,000. This same donor has offered a challenge of a matching grant of another $40,000. The challenge is where our members come in.

We are asking for donations to our capital campaign toward the matching grant by January 31, 2023. Donating is a time-sensitive situation, and we need everyone on deck! Your donation is critical, and every penny counts towards the match.

We can work with you on how your donation can be processed; you to make an all-in-one donation or a monthly donation charged to your credit card. In addition, we also accept Paypal. For details, please email us at our Commissary. <mailto:commissary at nwhs.org>

Of course, an old-fashioned check or money works as well. On your payment, please indicate it is for the Archives/Capital Campaign.

In addition, another way to donate for those retirees needing to make Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) is by way of a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). Donations via a QCD can fulfill the annual RMDs from IRAs.

Now is the time to help ensure the long-term survival of our Archives with a new home and endowment. We are counting on you!
You can help the cause by sending a donation here! <https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001G9mxVUu8qQwb0CgapDwEmJLWDHBkZIqpMiZZucp26SsfC3xVFoG7bUFEi-ya10Z2gV8QP-AD4R294D7gW2xSeiYDNsZU6EhrshYHaY0QTXB7vHwteVXohvPDtAdtgsa8LdAe8N0lAeuUa3jnUiLyw5Rpyyrwgg2-&c=KxZ9TzEOgpviXuFTZ64NFeUWD0fH1r5ZQ_D2zjHzkH-0TDY0wbJJQA==&ch=qPNoqr5o74w-JEAf0NBQDtLrw0dehEIEjfIEzIlJHDTinRG_hjK0oQ==>
While the amount listed is $100, but can be any amount you chose, and regardless, you support will be much appreciated.

On behalf of the N&WHS Board of Directors

Dr. Frank Scheer                                                            Tim Hensley
Chairman of the Board                                                   President

If you are not a member, why not consider joining? 
The Norfolk and Western Historical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of the Norfolk and Western and Virginian Railways and their predecessors and roads that followed. The Society maintains a 7,000 square foot archive and more in Roanoke, VA and memberships help support that. Members receive four 32 to 48 page full color high quality magazines every year.

You can join on-line at 
Join Now! <https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001G9mxVUu8qQwb0CgapDwEmJLWDHBkZIqpMiZZucp26SsfC3xVFoG7bfAZtb-uOLN0tYEoqjK7rhCxLeSShwxnEcC16gGhkv82LE7DxSMIl42OPZflb9sA8r43iW_4ULW6-DI7QH-JGhWOf_k7MtoKszqskaxj4ZuaEjaHs2dXYyyhREcli9CnfA==&c=KxZ9TzEOgpviXuFTZ64NFeUWD0fH1r5ZQ_D2zjHzkH-0TDY0wbJJQA==&ch=qPNoqr5o74w-JEAf0NBQDtLrw0dehEIEjfIEzIlJHDTinRG_hjK0oQ==>l <https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001G9mxVUu8qQwb0CgapDwEmJLWDHBkZIqpMiZZucp26SsfC3xVFoG7bfAZtb-uOLN0tYEoqjK7rhCxLeSShwxnEcC16gGhkv82LE7DxSMIl42OPZflb9sA8r43iW_4ULW6-DI7QH-JGhWOf_k7MtoKszqskaxj4ZuaEjaHs2dXYyyhREcli9CnfA==&c=KxZ9TzEOgpviXuFTZ64NFeUWD0fH1r5ZQ_D2zjHzkH-0TDY0wbJJQA==&ch=qPNoqr5o74w-JEAf0NBQDtLrw0dehEIEjfIEzIlJHDTinRG_hjK0oQ==>
or contact us at:
P.O. Box 13908
Roanoke, VA 24038

N&W Historical Society | NWHS.org <https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001G9mxVUu8qQwb0CgapDwEmJLWDHBkZIqpMiZZucp26SsfC3xVFoG7bUFEi-ya10Z2ius2hSt0mT2grUxg1EbSH8CAAK7YLWNfDbrbbIFWbFZ8hybhd9T4m3y3ra39tqXIYZO05x1lSpo=&c=KxZ9TzEOgpviXuFTZ64NFeUWD0fH1r5ZQ_D2zjHzkH-0TDY0wbJJQA==&ch=qPNoqr5o74w-JEAf0NBQDtLrw0dehEIEjfIEzIlJHDTinRG_hjK0oQ==>	
 ‌ <https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001G9mxVUu8qQwb0CgapDwEmJLWDHBkZIqpMiZZucp26SsfC3xVFoG7bfQISAlqBtIoSEp7e2Dz7OMRTiRme9Emy1HUb4Wbas0bS5MC4nwJnkKls59ks-kZ8R7V25TF1aoHnTYewPsHds3-7wg3dcb7Trl3pAXLfVpR&c=KxZ9TzEOgpviXuFTZ64NFeUWD0fH1r5ZQ_D2zjHzkH-0TDY0wbJJQA==&ch=qPNoqr5o74w-JEAf0NBQDtLrw0dehEIEjfIEzIlJHDTinRG_hjK0oQ==>

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