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Thanks for your input, it is always appreciated.  Yes, LEDs are certainly
the way to go.  They are readily available in 0402 packages with 0.5mm
dimension.  Just got myself a 40X microscope so I can have a chance at
working with such tiny beasts.

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> Comrade Cochranov, Excellency :
> Do you propose to light these miniature signals with LED's or
> Grain-of-Wheat incandescent lamps?
> If you are open to suggestions, I would suggest the LED's.  They are very
> easy to work with, need to be fed with only one DC voltage, and are usually
> rated for a 50,000 hour burn life.  I have some LED's which have burned
> constantly, 24/7, for ten years.
> If you power LED's with one of these modern electronic power supplies
> (available on Ebay,) the supplies come with a tiny trimmer pot
> (potentiometer,) turned with a tiny screwdriver, by which the output
> voltage can be adjusted upward or downward by 10% or so.
> I love LED's.  I changed out the incandescent lamps in all my collection
> for LED's:  lanterns, indicators of various types, gauge lights, and even
> signals in the back yard.  The only thing I have not converted to LED's is
> the big 3-arm Searchlight signal in the back yard, and the problem there is
> the chromatics of the light:  white LED's look ghoulish behind colored
> glass because the light spectrum emitted by LED's is very much different
> from the light spectrum emitted by a heated, glowing incandescent lamp
> filament.
> But what do I know...?  I am only a hack dabbler, and not an electrical
> engineer.
> Good luck with your project.  And BTW, you can now get miniature LED's,
> probably something like 0.070 inch in size.  But talk to an electrical
> engineer, as navigating the on-line catalogues of the Mouser or DigiKey
> supply houses can be a very intimidating experience.
> -- abram burnett,
>  Department of Turnips, Bureau of Agitation and Propaganda
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